Loving Your Difficult Child
A six week program in personal transformation
Love and truth go hand in hand
Whether your child is 2 or 22, our strongest desire is to love and connect. There is nothing more difficult to endure than thе absence of love. If your child is challenging for you, you are not alone. Pain and suffering are an invitation to look within and find the truth. You can move beyond frustrations and sadness, and experience your child in a completely new way.

Skills you will learn:
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Do you what to know what is really causing you stress?
Being able to land a situation and effectively fill out a worksheet will bring resolution to many complex situations in your life.
Ability to be present with your difficult emotions
Through series of exercises and practice of inquiry you will find and increased ability to be present with yourself emotionally, having a sense of clarity and hopefulness in difficult situations.
Ability to do independent inquiry
My main goal is to support you in building strong inquiry practice in your own life. This will open doors to incredible gifts and transformations.
About Olga Berg:
I found my 3 children to be my most important teachers, in my life. I am thrilled to help you uncover the lessons that your children bring.

How it works
6 Weekly sessions + Homework
We will work together on a powerful transformation for 6 weeks though individual private sessions, independent work and group calls. You will be given individual assignments to be completed on your own. Every exercise and inquiry will bring you closer to yourself and to your child.
Constant Support
I will be available to answer questions and help you make inquiry and integral part of your life.
Individual Approach
Everything we do will be addressing your specific needs and healing any early trauma or subconscious believes that might be affecting your relationship with your child.
"With a skilled facilitator like Olga, The Work is transformational and even more extraordinary."
Invest in the most important relationship of your life
A custom made program of transformation - just for you.
Why work with me?
I have tremendous experience as a coach and a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and I can guide you to a place of trust, forgiveness and clarity.
You will have support every day of the week, a way to meet and hold the upset and sadness.
This program is completely confidential, supportive and kind. You will see the better and kinder side of you.
Candidates at the Institute for The Work will receive a credit of 12 hours towards their program.